New year!

 01 Jan 2014 -  Giulio Vian

We have an old said “anno nuovo, vita nuova”, with the new year I have an important change in my life, so I have a new home for my blog. I quit Microsoft last year and I was pleasantly surprised by so many people reaching me. Some were amused by my goodbye email, and you, my dear reader, can also have fun.

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 01 Jan 0001 -  Giulio Vian

Changing the default branch for existing repositories Given the current state of tools, it is not recommended to change the default branch. You should weight the effort and consequences as it may be sizeable effort. The required tasks to implement the change are grouped by tool impacted. Azure DevOps Repos 1. Set the new default branch in Azure DevOps. 2. Recreate the branch policies on the new branch. 3. Redirect any open Pull Request to the new branch.

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