My new job

 02 Jan 2014 -  Giulio Vian -  ~1 Minute

Fourteen year at Microsoft and less than two months for switching to a new company I knew nothing before. Even if my job constantly brought me here and there, becoming an expat will be hard.

The job is also challenging: this time I am on the Operations side, not on the Development team… but an ALM platform like TFS is, by its nature, in between.

I will try to embody the DevOps principles, smoothing and easing the company’s workstream: my experience tells it’s a matter of automating, but how you do it is important as well. You should be modular and big scripts are hard to refactor as I learned from the work on Sprinkler   . Testing is also hard, while you can unit test Powershell code it is still contrived and unnatural.

In this space, simplicity in daily operation is success.

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