A new look for 2016 blog

A new look for 2016 blog

 29 Nov 2015 -  Giulio Vian -  ~1 Minute

I did it again and changed my blog engine to Hugo   ; as a consequence you will find some small change in style and navigation.

The first and foremost reason is the complexity induced by Jekyll   . It requires some GB (who says that Visual Studio is big?) and many vodoo hacks to work on Windows. I ended having a Linux VM running Jekyll and some additional steps going from the Markdown file to a published post.

Hugo runs happily on Windows, included 10, use a few MB, no installer, no plugins or special pages to get tag navigation, RSS or Sitemap.

That said, I pleasantly discovered that Hugo is much more straightforward than Jekyll and this is not a surprise for me. I read a bit about Ruby and Go and found the latter less idiosyncratic and more clearly structured.

This is moving me to study Go   more seriously: I have the feeling I will be at home with my C/C++ background.

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