New look, but there is more

 18 Oct 2014 -  Giulio Vian -  ~1 Minute

What you see today is not a simple change in style, but a complete migration from WordPress to a static site.

The main driver for this decision is the disliked for LiveWriter or in-browser editor and conversely my growing reliance on Markdown. I tried using WordPress plugins for MD, like Mytory Markdown   , but the result was never satisfactory, as they do not support Github syntax.

So I moved from a basic AWS machine (see How I set-up this blog ), to a static web site on Azure.

I wanted complete control of the path from Markdown to HTML, so I opted for Jekyll and its vibrant community. I used the portable Jekyll   for quick local testing, but the real work is done on an Ubuntu VM (on Azure of course) with a simple Git hook to automate building and publishing after pushing the new commits.

There are lot of details but this is a task for future posts.

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