A new look for 2016 blog

I did it again and changed my blog engine to Hugo; as a consequence you will find some small change in style and navigation.

The first and foremost reason is the complexity induced by Jekyll. It requires some GB (who says that Visual Studio is big?) and many vodoo hacks to work on Windows. I ended having a Linux VM running Jekyll and some additional steps going from the Markdown file to a published post.

Hugo runs happily on Windows, included 10, use a few MB, no installer, no plugins or special pages to get tag navigation, RSS or Sitemap.

That said, I pleasantly discovered that Hugo is much more straightforward than Jekyll and this is not a surprise for me. I read a bit about Ruby and Go and found the latter less idiosyncratic and more clearly structured.

This is moving me to study Go more seriously: I have the feeling I will be at home with my C/C++ background.

New RSS feeds

Hugo generates many RSS feeds, one for each Tag or Category, plus a global feed for the entire blog. The feed is always index.xml so you have the global RSS feed at /index.xml, the feed for post tagged TFS at /tags/tfs/index.xml and so on. Please, update your subscriptions.